Our students participated in various Inter School Tournament and games at the Division  Level Competition 2018 

Cycling :u/14 Sanuary Lopes  got 1st prize, Rion Tuscano got 2nd prize.   u/19  Janice Pereira got 2nd  prize. All three are qualified for State Level  Competition.  u/14 boys  Glen Rumao and Ness Tuscano got 3rd prize.  u/17 girls  Ruth Rosario and Steffina Dmello got 3rd  prize.

Few of our students participated in Marathon held at various places and bagged prizes.

Nandakhal Marathon heldo on 2nd October 2018

Miss Anstyne Crasto – 1 prize , Master Rex Tuscano – 2nd prize,  Miss Zeal D’mello – 2nd prize, Miss Kennis D’mello – 3rd prize.  Master Shivanshu Singh – 3rd prize,

Nanbhat Marathon held on 18th October 2018

Miss Anstyne Crasto           – 1st prize    Miss Rancy Rodrigues        – 2nd prize     Miss Kennis D’mello         – 3rd prize   Miss Selina D’silva            – 4th Prize

Vasai Heritage Run

Master Jovian Fernandes – 6th place

Congratulation to all the participants . Keep it up