To create in our students a spirit of love, care and service to the  less fortunate members of our society, an out reach programme was organised for the students from Std IV to IX  to various places. Std IV to St. Teresa (home for senior citizen) and Umang Rajodi. Std V to Gokhivere Vasai – Home for  senior citizen, Std VI to Baba Bhaskar – home for senior citizen, Std VII to Kelton – students and poor children, Std VIII to Vadoli – Dayasagar Hospital, Std IX to Shahapur – Mukta and Naya Jeevan Ashram. Stds I to III had a field trip to SunCity Vasai.

The students gained lots of values and respect for their parents and grandparents and were very thankful to Sr. Sushma (Principal) for giving them the opportunity of visiting the ashrams.