Winner of Scholarships for March 2017 are recognized for their achievement. We congratulate these students and encourage all others to aspire to achieve all the potential of their God given talent.


Std . VIII

No. Name
1 Rodrigues Swithin Marshal
2 Lobo Lidia Louis
3 Tuscano Mark Raymond
4 Figer Sarah Rajesh
5 Lobo Simblin Peter
6 Kale Jaineel Rajesh


Std. V

No Name
1 Correia Pearl Walter
2 D’Mello Shalvi Vilas
3 D’Mello Shannon Edward
4 Lobo Esther Alwin
5 Rodrigues Hansy Walter
6 Tuscano Syon Johny
7 D’britto Sera Richard
8 Lopes Sian Roxy