P.T.A. is formed with a view to maintain effective interaction between the institution and the parents. P.T.A. committee includes both teachers and parents representatives which meet once in 2 months to discuss and evaluate the school activities for the smooth functioning of the school. There is mutual understanding between the staff and the teachers.

The P.T.A. gives full support to all activities of the students, both within and outside the classroom. They actively participate in all school activities specially Teachers’ Day, School Annual Day and School Funfair. They are always there to render their helping hand in time of need. The P.T.A. is very important and active unit of the institute.

The PTA members for the academic year 2018-19

Name of the P.T.A. Members Child’s Name Class
Mr. Cajetan Pereira Vance Pereira I – A
Mr. Dilip Durgade Bhumi Durgade I – B
Mr. Lawrence Chettiar Myra Chettiar II – A
Mrs. Grinal Tuscano Dielle Tuscano II – B
Mr. Manoj Patil Vedika Patil III – A
Mrs. Merlyn Gomes Megan Gomes III – B
Mrs. Evelyn Correia Jonathan Correia IV – A
Mrs. Smita Lobo Dallas Lobo IV – B
Mr. Denis Dabre Nissa Dabre V – A
Mrs. Jacinta Lopes Aimee Lopes V – B
Mr. William Rodrigues Venus Rodrigues VI – A
Mr. Wilson D’mello Livia D’mello VI – B
Mr. Shailesh Bhise Swara Bhise VII – A
Mr. Pius Tuscano Derren Tuscano VII – B
Mr. Asad Shailh Simran Shaikh VIII – A
Mrs. Glatina Tuscano Seem Tuscano VIII – B
Mr. Suresh D’britto Sancia Tuscano IX – A
Mr. Thomas Rodrigues Stalin Rodrigues IX – B
Mr. Dian D’souza Darelyn D’souza X – A
Mr. Rajesh Correia Ryan Correia X – B
Mr. Robert Lobo
Mr. Rajesh Tuscano
Mr. Thomas D’mello