School Science Laboratory plays an important role in the advances and technologies being made in the world. The lab. Experiments and Equipment, aid in developing in the field of technology. It also allows students to utilize the data gathered from the book, as well as from the outside world in order to improve their overall science literacy.

In science, the students learn about the process of going from evidence to observation, to conclusion. Lab exp. is the best way to introduce students to scientific attitude, the process of asking questions and conducting experiments is one of the best ways to understand the natural world, which is the foundation of science education. Our laboratory has combined section for Physics, Biology and Chemistry which provide opportunities to our students to learn by doing.


A library plays a very vital role throughout our life. Hence library is an essential part of the student’s life. The habit of reading is one of the greatest resources of humankind and hence to enhance this habit, the school has a library that gives a good opportunity for the students to increase their reading skills and also to improve intellectually. Student’s life is the time of learning and they need to learn different subjects. At this time a library helps them a lot. Library not only increase their knowledge but also helps them to discipline themselves through calm and healthy environment. Book not only help them to increase their knowledge but also stimulates and refreshes them.

Computer Lab

Information Technology is becoming part of every industry and is becoming essential tool for teaching. As computer has become essential, we at Carmel have introduced computer classes for student from Std. II onward. Students become familiar with the technology and are not afraid to experiment and learn what is new. Most computers have internet connectivity that help students for their assignments, projects etc.