The School Cabinet is one of the important units of the school which functions as a link between the students and the management. The cabinet works with total trust and commitment and plays a very vital role in getting things accomplished in almost every activities in the school. They are also responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the school. They actively participate and co-ordinate the various activities held in the school.

School Cabinet 2017-18

List of Cabinet Ministers for the year 2017-2018

Head Girl Miss Sarah Figer
Asst Head Girl Miss Sweeny Correia
Head Boy Master Neville Lopes
Asst. Head Boy Master Myron Correia
Red House Captain Miss Sania Tuscano
Asst. Red House Captain Miss Asmita Akula
Blue House Captain Miss Darelyn D’souza
Asst.Blue House Captain Miss Sania Machado
Green House Captain Miss Rian D’britto
Asst. Green House Captain Miss Reet Singh
Yellow House Captain Miss Ritiksha Tuscano
Asst. Yellow House Captain Miss Simblin Lobo
Cleanliness Minister Miss Anisa Lopes
Asst. Cleanliness Minister Miss Jessica D’cunha
Discipline Minister Miss Karim Correia
Asst. Discipline Minister Miss Sakshi Solanki
Sports Minister Master Harsh Naik
Asst. Sports Minister Miss Rhutuja Vaze
Cultural Minister Miss Christina Adakalathur
Asst. Cultural Minister Miss Sian Menezes

School Cabinet 2016-17


Christina Fernandes(H.G), Merilyn D’britto(A.H.G), Greg Rodrigues (H.B),  Shawn D’mello (A.H.B.) ,  Mesbah Tamboli , Tejas Wankhede , Seona Dabre, Sennet D’mello, Flora Machado, Nash Rodrigues, Asher Lopes, Alton D’silva, Serena D’souza, Elaine Lopes, Esha Patil, Liza D’mello, Leroy Machado, Tanishqa Wankhede, Sara Machado, Jean D’souza.

The installation of the School Cabinet for 2015-16 took place in June.


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